Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th May 2015 Written Episode Review

The Episode starts with Ishita saying she has to inform Ruhi, she can’t manage without her. Ruhi cries missing Ishita and tells Adi. Adi asks her not to cry, he will make her hair pleats. Ruhi asks why did we come here. Adi says Shagun also misses us, we will go home in morning. Ruhi says I did not tell Ishita, everyone will be finding us. Adi says Shagun informed Dadu, and makes her laugh by tickling. Mihir asks Simmi to learn to make filter coffee. They talk about Subbu. Romi asks Raj not to notice anything. Raj and Simran tease Simmi.

Appa comes and tells Mihika that Amma has headache and resting. Ishita calls Simmi. Raman says you have just 2mins. Ishita asks for Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla says why is she asking us, and asks Ishita about kids. Raman asks mum not to joke. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t joke Raman, you told your dad that you booked for spending family time, kids should be with you. Raman says no, I meant me and Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla cries and Mr. Bhalla says did kids come with someone else. Ishita asks where are the kids. Raman says ask Bala and Shravan. Appa says no, Bala did not have them. Ishita panics. Raman says they may go with Mihir. Mihir says no, I m here.

Ishita says how did they leave him, and panic. She says Adi did not sleep, how can I calm down, I want my kids back. Raman says they are my kids too, calm down, I will see. He rushes out. Adi and Ruhi sleep. Shagun sits beside them and goes to make a call. She calls Ashok and says they slept, I m really scared, Adi will agree, but Ruhi, when Bhalla family does not get kids in morning, they will create a scene.

He says don’t worry, I have planned everything. He signs someone. Raman and Ishita come home and says how did we miss kids like this. They all think what to do and take police help. They get a call and get tensed. A man calls Raman and says his kids are in his clutches. They all are shocked. The man says if you want to see them alive, bring 1 crore. Raman warns them not to hurt the kids. The man asks him to note address, as kids are unconscious now and threatens him.

Ashok pays the man and smiles. Raman says we have to arrange money fast, they all go to get their money and club it. Mihika says we should call police, they are kidnappers, if they take money and not give kids. Simmi says we have to be careful, Abhishek can help us unofficially. Ashok calls Shagun and says Raman is busy to arrange 1 crore, even if he sells everything, he won’t get money. Shagun says she is dying in tension, and he is having fun. He says you wanted that Bhalla family forgets everything for some time. He says he will see if there is any early flight, keep kids safe, if Raman arranges money, no one will receive it, you sleep well.

Raman asks Ishita to calm down and warns Mihika not to call police. Abhishek comes and asks why to not call police. They are shocked seeing him. Raman asks who called you here. Abhishek says police is here to help you. Raman says we don’t need your help. Abhishek says two kids are missing, Mihika did not call me, Simmi called me. Raman scolds Simmi. Abhishek says he has come to help as a friend, it can be trap, situation gets worse in ransom case. Ishita says this can make it dangerous for them. Abhishek says you did not hear any kids struggling voice, they will not go with anyone like this, maybe they trust the kidnapper.

They all agree as it makes sense. They ask did they talk to Shagun. Raman says she was not invited, she was not there. Abhishek says but I have seen him there. Mihika says I forgot to tell you, she was going to Australia. Mihir says she did not tell me. Abhishek says she did not go Australia, she did not checkin. Ishita says she will not hurt her kids. Mihika says maybe someone is using Shagun to get kids, Adi trusts Shagun. Abhishek asks Ishita to call Shagun and Raman leaves with Abhishek.

Shagun says why is Ishita calling me, did she get to know. She ignores her call. Mihir says I will call on my home landline. He says she is not receiving. Ishita says who knows she took the kids. Mihir says maybe she is sleeping or not at home. Ishita says maybe she has seen something after meeting Adi, I will meet her. Mihir and Ishita go to his home and does not find Shagun. Ishita worries for Shagun and says she is going home, they have to see if any info comes, and asks him to inform if Shagun comes. He asks her to call after reaching home.

Raman talks to Ishita. She says I m worried for Shagun. He asks her to keep him updated. She asks the guard about Shagun. He says he has got the taxi and says apartment name. She takes the details. Raman says Ishita is coming home. Shagun goes to boil milk and says why did Ashok not call till now. She opens the stove and gets Ashok’s call. She attends his call and asks about ticket. She says fine, I m leaving now and meeting you. Raman talks to Romi. Mr. Bhalla asks Romi to call Mihir and ask. Shagun meets Ashok and he gives her the tickets, wake up the kid and say you are taking them home, and take them to airport. He asks her not to make any mistake. She says I won’t miss this chance. Ashok says don’t worry, Raman won’t reach Delhi before 6. She thanks him and goes.

Promo: Ishita saves kids from the fire when Shagun leaves seeing the danger.

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