FIR Against Rapper Badshah and Actor Sanjay Dutt for Promoting Betting App

An FIR has been filed against rapper Badshah and actor Sanjay Dutt for promoting a betting app called Mahadev Fairplay. The FIR was filed by Viacom18 Media, the official broadcaster of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

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In the FIR, Viacom18 Media alleged that Badshah and Dutt had violated the IPL's anti-gambling policy by promoting the betting app. The FIR also alleged that Badshah and Dutt had misled the public by claiming that the betting app was a legal and safe way to bet on IPL matches.

The police are currently investigating the matter. If found guilty, Badshah and Dutt could face up to two years in prison.

The FIR against Badshah and Dutt has sparked a debate about the role of celebrities in promoting gambling. Some people have argued that celebrities should not be allowed to promote gambling, as it can be addictive and harmful. Others have argued that celebrities have the right to promote whatever products they want, and that it is up to individuals to decide whether or not to gamble.
It remains to be seen whether Badshah and Dutt will be charged with any crimes. However, the FIR against them is a reminder that celebrities should be careful about the products they promote.


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