Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raman looking for Ishita. Mihika calls Abhishek and asks him about his location, they all want to come there and find Ishita, and Raman can get help. He says there are many chaos here. She insists and he says fine, I will send the location. Ruhi cries and asks someone to save her Ishi Maa. She asks Shagun why did she come now, and tells Adi that Ishita asked Shagun for help to save him from fire, and Shagun has run away. Adi is shocked. She tells the lady inspector that she does not know her. Shagun says they are my kids. Ruhi says she is lying, I won’t show my face if anything happens to my Ishi Maa. The lady takes the kids to the ambulance.

The kids meet the families. They come to know about cylinder blast and ask how did this happen. Ruhi tells everything to them. They all cry. Ruhi says then Ishi maa and saved Adi from the fire. FB shows those moments. Ruhi tells about the earthquake and how Ishita sent them safely and got stuck in debris. They all are shocked and tears roll down. The rescue team brings people out. Raman checks for Ishita. Abhishek asks him to stop and says everything is over. Raman recalls his marriage with Ishita and their journey.

Ruhi says someone save my Ishi Maa. They all ask police to save Ishita. They get a dead body and cry. Raman looks for Ishita. Ruhi runs and calls out Ishi Maa. She recalls how Ishita met her for the first time on the road. Adi blames himself for Ishita’s state. Rinki hugs him. Abhishek stops Raman. Raman says she is here, and looks for. Romi calls out Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla runs to her. Romi and Abhishek stop Raman. Ruhi sees Ishita’s hand and runs to her, freeing herself from Mrs. Bhalla.

Raman asks Ruhi where is she going. Ruhi says Ishi Maa is there. Raman runs there and moves the big stones. The rescue team gets off the debris and they see Ishita wounded.

Raman asks Ishita to wake up, her Ruhi is here. He asks Ruhi to wake her up. Ruhi asks her to get up, she can’t go away from her, open eyes. Raman hugs her and asks them to bring stretcher fast. They ask her to open eyes. They take her to the ambulance. Shagun looks on shocked. She says thank Lord they got Ishita. Abhishek asks Raman to calm down, let the doctor do this job.

The doctor check Ishita and take her to hospital. Shagun asks Adi how is he, is he fine. Adi says leave me, I have to go. She asks will he go leaving mum alone, stay with me, they all are with Ishita. Adi says you are not my mum, Ishi Maa is my mum, and leaves. She is stunned. Ashok comes to Shagun and asks what did this happen, I saw this in news, I m sorry, are you okay. He asks is she seeing her family, they are not her family now, she has lost everything to Ishita.

Shagun recalls Ruhi and Adi’s words and says lost… I have lost infront of my kids, Ishita is their mum, they said right, I have done this for my ego and selfishness, I have risked them, and Ishita selflessly saved them, I m a terrible mother. Ashok asks when did she become Mother Teresa. She says you won’t understand. He says fine, go to hell and leaves. Shagun cries.

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