Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd June 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Ishita attaching a strand of hair with a bobby pin into her hair. Raman comes there and says ’Champi’ (head massage) time. Raman does her champi. She says she never leaves anyone if her hair breaks. She tells about the incident when a barber was cutting her hair and made it very short, she got hell angry and scolded him. Raman gets her hair in his hand, as it breaks being stuck in his ring. He gets worried and asks her why does she get angry. She says she will never leave such person. He hides the hair in his pocket. She says she feels light, check it looks less. He says I counted well, its still same., She smiles and says its just you and Amma who can care for my hair. He says I will keep them safe. She fools him, and asks him to sleep. He says I got so many hair, if she knows she will not leave me, I will hide it, and think tomorrow.

She asks did he not sleep and holds his shirt. He says I m sleeping. He moves her hand off his pocket. She smiles and thinks he will become Joru Ka Ghulam. She laughs. Sujata asks Subbu not to worry, she will get certificate that Laxmi was getting treated for her depression, she knows his treatment is going on, she will meet one of her friend. She says Ishita’s call is coming and ends the call. She takes Ishita’s call. Ishita says mummy ji was inviting her, she could spend time with Simmi. Sujata says I would love to, I have to go court. Ishita says court is closed. Sujata says judge has called me unofficially to discuss a human rights case. Ishita says fine, and ends call. She tells Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi that Sujata is going to help others. Mrs. Bhalla says what about this kheer. Ishita says anyone will eat it, and leaves.
She goes to collect reports and Sujata comes there. Ishita sees her and says what is she doing here, she had meeting with judge. She follows her and sees her going to meet a psychiatrist Dr Aditi. She recalls the doctor’s card and Subbu’s words. She hears them. Sujata says we don’t want anyone to know that Subbu is taking psychiatric treatment. Aditi asks her not to hide it from their family. Sujata says we have some reasons. Ishita says why did Subbu and Sujata hide this big thing from us.

Ishita comes home and sees Simmi and everyone preparing for functions and gifting. She thinks they are doing so much, and Subbu’s past, what will it be. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to meet Sujata and give Simmi’s sample bangles for her. Ishita thinks she can talk to Sujata about Subbu by this excuse. She gets the kheer and Sujata likes it. She lies that she had meeting. Ishita asks why is she lying. Sujata says sorry. Ishita says I have seen you today in psychiatric office, Subbu’s treatment is going on, he told me that it was Laxmi’s treatment, why did they hide it.
She says Subbu got much help by this treatment, Subbu wants to move on with Simmi. Ishita says she is reacting as they lied to them. Sujata says everyone needs time, I m Laxmi’s mum, I know she had miscarriage, Subbu did not tell this to his mum, you can understand he lied to his mum to protect Laxmi, Subbu trusts you and you are doubting his intention, you know him and me, will I let any woman suffer, will we let Simmi and Ananya get hurt. 
She cries. 
Ishita says very sorry, don’t cry. She says so many things happened before, I felt I will be good if I ask, prevention is better than cure, I m really sorry. She asks her to forget it and forgive her. She leaves. Sujata gets relieved that she got saved today, but Ishita and Bhalla family should not doubt till marriage happens.

Raman talks to Adi. Ishita says Adi loves to play guitar, its cool. She says he will play special song in my birthday. Adi says I want to gift Ishi Maa. Ishita says Papa loves you, he will do what he want, let Papa decide, come.


Ishita gets the hair and cries. Raman asks her to calm down, its not her hair. She says my lovely hair, he is a killer. He says anyone will hear, it will grow.

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