Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls 17th August 2015 Episode

The Episode starts with Juliet and Dylan meeting Abhimanyu. She hugs Abhimanyu happily. Dylan hugs him and they all smile. Abhimanyu says I have left hope that I can come out of jail, you saved me finally. Dylan says thanks to Debjani, she helped me, else you would have not come out. Sunaina is arrested. Dylan asks the police to take her away. LN apologizes to Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu says no, I m here because of you. He asks Juliet to take him home. They leave. Dylan holds Dabbu close and they smile. He says shall we leave. She nods.

Juliet serves food to Abhimanyu. He sits sad. Dylan says he is looking good and fresh after shaving. Juliet asks why is he not eating, she made all his fav things, eat. Dylan asks him to start. Abhimanyu recalls the jail stay and the trauma. She recalls the jail food and how people have tortured him. He says I did not do anything, I m not a rapist, leave me alone, don’t trouble me. Juliet asks why is he saying so. Dylan says you are safe, you are with us at home, noting will happen, you are out of jail, its happy day, we should be positive. Abhimanyu says I m tired, can I go and sleep. Dylan says come, I will leave you to your room.

Abhimanyu says I will go myself, good night mom. Thakur family eats sweets. Mamta does not let LN eat any jalebi. The girls smile seeing their sweet arguments. Mamta asks Dabbu what is she thinking. Dabbu says how will I thank you, you always supported me, I realized your talk was so meaningful, you asked me to trust my love. Mamta says experience comes by age, whats there to thank, you all are my world, I see my victory in your victory. LN cleans the sweets from Mamta’s face. The girls tease them and laugh. Eshu says we will go from here. Chandi says we have to talk to Dabbu. They take Dabbu. Dabb asks whats the matter. They take her.

Juliet does not see Abhimanyu in his room. Dylan says maybe he is in bathroom. They find him sleeping on the ground. Juliet cries seeing him. Dylan asks her not to wake him, and covers him with the blanket. He hugs Juliet and consoles her. She says Abhimanyu was sensitive since childhood, why did this happen, you are 5 year younger to him and always protected him, why is he sleeping on floor. He says he stayed in jail for 7 years, we should give him time, this is called post traumatic stress, I know a doctor, he will help him, trust me. She says she just trusts him. He says I will make everything fine. She says you gave me strength to come out of this depression, don’t waste time and tell Dabbu that you love her.

Dabbu says what, will I go now to Dylan to say I love you, no. The sisters insist. Dabbu says I mean its brilliant plan, I have better plan, I will rest, I have work tomorrow. They ask her not to get late, they were waiting for right time and all complications came. Dabbu says no, I m girl, why will I say first. Chandi says its 21st century, why to be afraid to take first step. She asks her not to be shy and just confess her feelings, I think Dylan will be impressed. Binny says yes, go and get your love, you can do this. Dabbu asks can I do this. Eshu says yes. Chandi says we are going to Dylan’s home now. Dabbu asks did they ask mum and dad. Chandi says they won’t allow. She says don’t worry, I will talk to them in morning. They take Dabbu.

Dylan thinks about Dabbu and how Sunaina has hurt her. He says whenever I think to confess my love to her, something wrong happens, but this time I will tell her, it should be special, I have to think something nice. He searches on net about romantic confessions. He says all this ideas I have done before in past, I have to think something special for Dabbu. The girls arrive there. Chandi and Binny ask Dabbu to go, and wishes her all the best. Chandi stops her and shows the ladder. She asks her to go from it. Dabbu asks why.

Chandi says you go by window and make entry in Dylan’s room, it will be surprise. She says this time Juliet will go to Romeo. Dabbu says don’t say Juliet, that’s Dylan’s mum’s name, romance will end by this. Eshu says fine, Dabbu and Dylan. Chandi says we forgot to change Dabbu’s clothes in hurry. Binny says what to do now. Chandi looks at her saree and smiles. Binny and Dabbu change their clothes in the car. Binny says she is looking good. They ask her to go by the ladder. Dabbu says I will fall from this ladder. Eshu says we are here to help. They make Dabbu climb the ladder.

Dabbu gets inside the room, and its all dark there. She thinks oh no, Sir slept, I can’t move back, else my sisters won’t leave me, maybe he has not slept, its now or never. She says Dylan Sir… I m really sorry to come like this way. Its Juliet there and she is awake, listening Dabbu. Dabbu says I want to confess my feelings, we wasted lots of time. I wanted to wait till morning, but my sisters asked me to tell now. She says I should not be hesitant to take first step, as its 20th century, I don’t know how will you feel but….i m going to tell you….. Juliet laughs and gets up. She says I could not control my laughter, sorry. Dabbu is shocked. Juliet asks her to tell this imp thing to the one she came for. Dabbu says this is Dylan’s room. Juliet says oh, you know his room, yes I forgot I saw you in his cupboard. She says Dylan is sleeping in hall’s left room. Dabbu asys I will actually leave. Juliet stops her and says I got a stunning bahu, whose heart is clear like mirror, who loves my Dylan so much that you came wearing saree by window, you took right step, one thing is missing, wait I will come.

She gets the bangles for her and shows her. She says this is our family traditional bangles, my mum in law gave me, now I m giving you. She makes Dabbu wear it and says perfect. She asks her to go and tell her feelings to Dabbu, her blessings are with him. Dabbu hugs her and smiles.


Dylan asks Dabbu what is she doing in his home in these clothes. Dabbu asks why does he not understand. He says I understood. She says then why are you not saying I love you. He says Miss Debjani Thakur I love you too. They smile.

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