Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls 10 September 2015

Laxminarayan asks Debjani to show Dylan the guest room and informs them that the two of them will be living in the same house but not in the same room. Dylan is later led to the guest room where Mamta continues to pass taunting remarks at him. Meanwhile, Binny starts to believe that Vicky is responsible for threatening her in regard to her children. But seeing their mother afraid, her children assure her that they will not frighten her by leaving the school with a stranger. Next morning, Debjani's neighbour, Bhoo Devi enters the house and is shocked to learn that Dylan is staying with them before marriage. She starts to provoke the family in order to make them feel guilty for their actions. How will Laxminarayan and his family react to Bhoo Devi's piercing remarks? Find out here.

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