Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th September 2015 Episode

The Episode starts with Ishita planning to get green sarees for everyone for the Ganesh utsav function at Pammi’s place, so that they can have color coordination. She calls Rinki to tell her and Rinki does not answer call. Simmi thinks to tell Ishita about Rinki. Ishita gets a call from clinic and asks Simmi to tell Mrs. Bhalla about it. She leaves. Shagun gets unwell in the cold storage. Raman asks her to calm down, he is there with her and covers her with his jacket. Ashok and Suraj look at the live video.

Ashok says Shagun why did you do this, you got against me and now I had to do this, what will Ishita think when she knows you and Raman were locked in same room. Raman too feels cold. Shagun says I will die, I can’t take it. Raman shouts on her. Ashok says Suraj, this drama is more interesting than tv serial. Suraj says if anything happens to Shagun, you will get jail. Ashok says relax, everything is under control, I will get temp lowered more. He calls the man and asks him to make temp more low.

Raman asks Shagun not to close eyes. He starts keeping her active and warms her hands, talking about Adi and Ruhi. He asks are you okay, keep eyes open. She says thanks to Ishita, the kids were well. He says yes, but she lost her baby because of me. She says no, its not your mistake. He asks is anyone there to help.

Ishita comes to meet Rinki and sees someone leaving. She asks did anyone come. Rinki says no, you know I stay alone. Ishita sees the food plates and asks did Mihir come. Rinki says no, you would have known. Ishita sees wine bottle and asks who was drinking. Rinki says I was drinking. Ishita says its alright, but in daytime, and two glasses. Rinki says I was missing Mihir, so I made two glasses. Ishita saks why is she feeling lonely, you can come over and stay with us. She asks her to come in evening, they have to go at Pammi’s place.

She sees glasses and asks why is lipstick mark not on one glass. Rinki asks why is she checking so much. Ishita says I feel you are hiding anything. Rinki says I feel you should be in limit. Ishita says I m in limit, so I m asking politely, if it was Raman, he would have pulled your ears, I m explaining you are someone’s wife, you should know your limits, I can just show right way, I m always there for you, I got this green saree, come at Pammi’s place for Ganesh utsav, green is dress code, come there. Rinki hopes Ishita does not tell Raman.

Raman asks Shagun to open her eyes and sees her falling numb. She faints. He holds her close. Ashok says film climax just started. A man informs ACP Abhishek is coming. Abhishek gets inside the cabin. Ashok gets tensed and asks how can I help you. Abhishek says I got info about illegal activities here. Ashok shuts the laptop screen and says I don’t know anything. Abhishek asks about child labor. Ashok says that factory is not on my name. Abhishek says fine, I would like to check it right now. He leaves. Ashok and Suraj worry. Raman opens his shirt buttons and covers Shagun close. Ashok asks Abhishek why is he wasting time.

Abhishek asks for the keys, else he will break the door. Ashok gives the keys. The senior calls Abhishek and asks him to reach police station soon, a minister is coming. Abhishek says fine. He tells Ashok he will see him later and goes. Ashok says plan worked else.. Suraj says he made commissioner call Abhishek. Ashok says thanks. Suraj says get Raman and Shagun out of here fast. Ashok says wait, lets see the video first.

Raman sees Shagun is losing breath and gives her CPR. Suraj says Raman is giving her CPR, if she dies, you will be arrested, stop it now. Ashok says I can see love, just see. Manoj comes to meet Ashok and asks where is Shagun, she has asked this address, tell me where is she. Ashok says she is not here, you are highly mistaken. Manoj says I will call police. Ashok says fine, get lost. Manoj says I will inform police and leaves. Suraj says if police comes and finds Raman and Shagun, it will be big problem, increase temp and get them out. Ashok says fine, I will get this footage. He gets the footage and says this is very imp, we will leave now.

Ishita talks to the kid and checks by pacifying words. She talks to the lady about the kid. Raman says there is someone and checks the door. He says the door opened and takes Shagun by lifting her. Suraj asks what does Ashok want to do with the CD. Ashok says we will send this to Ishita, we know its CPR, but Ishita will see it as kiss. Suraj says Ishita trusts Raman a lot, Raman will tell the truth and she will agree. Ashok says Ishita will not understand seeing her husband with his ex, this CD will bring a storm in Raman’s life, no one will believe Raman, not family, not police, no one, because everyone will get Ishita’s dead body till then. Suraj asks dead body? Ashok says yes.

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