Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 27th November 2015 Episode Update

The episode starts with Manvi crying and remembering Rahul’s words(ya rabbaaa- bgmusic) and so is Rahul restless. He takes guitar and starts playing it remembering all Ranvi moments till date. Anger-Aggresion at its peak. He starts hurting himself blood running from his hand. Twinkle tels about this to Manvi. She goes for help. Tries to pacify his pain..wipes all the blood from his hand. Applies Bandage..cute eye-contacts between Rahul tries to avoid Manvi bt nt for long. He says thanks.Manvis says had one been at her place she would hve done. Then rahul says, yes but wouldn’t have held his hands the way she has. Rahul wants to remove his guitar and Manvi helps him take out the guitar. Doctor arrives and Manvi is about to leave when Rahul congratulates manvi for her engagement.

New twist: Upmanyu saw some accident and assumes Rahul being responsible wheres Manvi rememebers that time Rahul was with can her dad misunderstand him.she feels helpless..Upumanyu files an F.I.R.
Shaleen was actually the one who did the accident. He now narrates the story to Nisha and is very tensed. Something crazy cooking in Nisha’s mind to may be put blame on rahul to hamper his reputation.

Manvi n Upu comeback home from police station.Upu n his frustration on sabarwals. Manvi again enquires if her dad actually saw Rahul or not. Upu is really angry.

Manvi in her room thinks upu is getting blinded by his hatred for rahul. She tries to help and inform him and calls but sonali doesnt let Rahul take calls and asks him to rest. But he answers later and is about to tell rahul about what happened but police enters sabarwal house.
The police inspector goes to Sabarwal house to take action against the hit-n-run case against Rahul to arrest him. They have encounter with Raj who starts shouting as to what these policie people are doing here. In the meanwhile Rahul comes and The police tels them about accident. Police says his car was there..Rahul justifies he was not there and was in the studio. Rahul says i have a must have been any of the drivers but police justifies he have had word with all their drivers and everyone is still there.had anyone of them been responsible they would have run away by now. Police people take Rahul with him and ask him to call the witness directly to the police station. Raj asks the police to call who ever is involved to their house asks bt the persons name but police dsnt disclose names but due to legal formalities Rahul has to go the police station.Raj asks him not to worry he is there..before he reaches the police station lawyers would b there for hs help.

Manvi is talking to herself while her mom tels about rahul being arrested and upu has gone to police station for verification. Shaleen n Nisha have a convo where nisha asks him to shut-up.shaleen is nervous and afraid of being caught. Nisha calls the news reporters and tells them about Rahul’s news of being arrested. She provokes the reporter and the episode ends.

Manvi goes to meet rahul in jail. Rahul tels Manvi that he is a really bad guy..he only uses people..he has created all that dramma in front of her and was a lie..whatever the newsreporters have been saying about him is totally true. He says I have done that accident and there is even an eye-witness to which Manvi responded by saying that eyewitness is my father. Rahul is shocked.

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