Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th December 2015 Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ishita preparing food for Ruhi and taking it. Raman asks Ishita where is she going. Ishita says I made Ruhi’s fav sandwich, I m taking it for her. Raman asks Ishita not to go, and asks Mrs. Bhalla to sends kids if they are ready. Ishita gets teary eyed. Ishita goes to her room and cries. She shares her pain with Simmil. She feels helpless by Ashok’s plans and says I m breaking, I have to save Raman, kids, Shagun and unborn baby, if I go away, take care of Ruhi. Simmi asks her to be strong and pacifies her. Ashok talks to his informer and says this time Raman should be shell shocked and be desperate to take Ishita as per our plan, get dressed as Ishita and you have to reach Ruhi’s school to attack on her. He ends call and says Ishita this plan will finish you, Ruhi baby does not know she is of much use for me.

Raman is on the way with kids and cheers Adi and Ruhi by talk. Ruhi asks does Shagun’s spirit want to kill me. Raman asks why do you think so. Adi says we know everything, everyone is talking about this in building, tell us. Raman says Ishita will be fine. Ruhi says Ishita did not give me tiffin today. Raman says I was thinking we will get chole bhature and have together. Ruhi says it will be fun, we will have it together. They smile. Raman thinks Ishita should get fine soon.

Mrs. Bhalla hears Amma talking to her sister Soumya about Mihika. She says I will talk to Vishwa, we can think about Mihir, yes, he is single, Mihir and Mihika are friends, I will talk to Mihir and see. Mrs. Bhalla hears this and goes thinking. Shagun is worried for Ruhi and thinks to see Ruhi once. She says she will go to her school, see her and come back, she wears the burqa and thinks to call Prateek and Abhishek. She wonders will they agree to take her there and understand her desperation. She decides to just go and come, seeing Ruhi in ground during her sports practice. Mrs. Bhalla comes to meet Mihir. He asks is everything fine. She says I came to take Rinki’s belongings. He says let it be. He says no, I have to take it. Amma calls Mihir and talks to him.

Amma says Mihika is divorced and she should move on. Mihir says yes, I m really happy for her. Amma says I will talk straight, Soumya and I were thinking if you and Mihika… you are alone and you both are best friends, if you both think to marry… you both have chance to move on, Mihika likes you a lot. Mihir gets speechless and says Amma, I like her, but how marriage.. Rinki just…. No Amma. Amma says I will not force, you both know each other and got engaged too. Mihir says yes, but so much happened, Amma please… Amma says fine, and ends call. She says I did not know Mihir will refuse. Mihir says how to explain Amma, big chapter ended in Mihika’s life, and she loves Abhishek, I m just a good friend. Mrs. Bhalla looks on.

Ruhi says she is going for dress change. A peon sees her and calls the informer, asking to come in locker room, he will send her there. He tells Ruhi that her mum has come and waiting in locker room. Ruhi says Ishi Maa has come and goes to meet. Ruhi tells this to her teacher as well and takes permission to meet her mum.

Ruhi goes to locker room and asks Ishita where is she. The informer holding the knife comes to Ruhi. Ruhi says so you are hiding from me. The teacher calls Raman and says Ruhi’s mum has come here, its not allowed to meet in school hours, its against rules, Ruhi is missing class and meeting her. Raman says sorry, this won’t happen again. He calls Ishita and her phone is off. He calls home and talks to Mrs. Bhalla. She says Ishita went to her clinic. He worries.

Shagun asks a girl about Ruhi. The girl says Ruhi went to locker room to meet her mum. Shagun says Ishita came here, I will see Ishita once. Ruhi goes to see Ishita and gets shocked seeing the knife.

Shagun gets the knife and holds it. Ruhi sees Shagun and is shocked. She says Shagun mumma. Shagun turns and sees Ruhi crying.

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