Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th December 2015 Episode Update

The Episode starts with Manoj coming in the same hotel. The receptionist hears him talking and that he is a doctor. She requests him to see a pregnant lady and he agrees. Raman tells Baba that he can’t see his wife like this, he did not see Shagun’s spirit in her. Baba also thinks the same. Shagun opens the door and sees Manoj. She shuts the door. Manoj asks the lady to open door by masterkey. Shagun goes to washroom. He asks is she fine, he is a doctor and came to check her. The room service guy brings the medicine. Manoj thinks he has prescribed same medicine to Shagun, this medicine for women who have pregnancy by artificial insemination. He asks her to take medicines and call him if there is any problem. He leaves. She cries.

Raman worries. Mrs. Bhalla goes to him. Raman says I can’t see this. She cries and says I know, but think of the pain she is going through. She is strong, and you have to support her. He says I was forgetting she is a mother too, and goes. Amma looks on and prays Lord to help Ishita. Ishita screams seeing the people inside the ashram. She walks by difficulty. Raman hears her scream. Mr. Bhalla stops Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla cries and asks whats happening. Ishita is taken to the Baba.

He asks her why are you doing this acting Ishita, I m sure you don’t have any evil spirit on you, you are fine, why are you lying to your family, you know your husband’s state is so bad, and you are taking advantage of his goodness. She cries and says I have Shagun’s spirit, you don’t know anything, spirit comes in me, I don’t need to prove. He says I can see truth in your eyes, you walked on the burning coal, the spirit did not have any effect, your husband told me that it was just you, there was no hint of the spirit, you created this situation, I m like your father, tell me what is the matter, I don’t spread superstitions and I won’t let you walk on this wrong path, I can’t see any innocent woman bearing so much pain, I will tell your family. She stops him and cries.

She says sorry, I had no way, I had to lie for my family, to save my husband’s life, forgive me, don’t tell them, I will tell all the truth to you. Amma asks Raman to have belief, nothing will happen to Ishita, this is only way to make Ishita fine. Baba asks Ashok Khanna, is he doing all this, he came to me and asked help for you. She says I knew it, he did this as he knows I m doing this acting, he thought I will be tortured here and break down, then I will tell Raman that I was lying, but I will not break, whatever happens, I will not let any problem come on my family. He asks why do you want to get these problems, I will talk to your family. She says no, it won’t help, can you help me. He asks how can I help. She says Ashok’s informer is on our house, that person wants to attack on my husband, my kids are attacked, even if Ashok is caught, that informer will do as Ashok says, if you help me, its possible to catch that informer. He says I did not see any woman who is ready to do so much for family, if I don’t help you, Lord won’t forgive me. She thanks him.

Adi and Ruhi pray for Ishita. Vandu cries. Shravan says I will go home and pray for Ishita. He goes. Bala and Vandu pray. Shagun sees Prateek and opens the door. She says she was waiting for him. He says he did not get her medicines so he got late. She says Manoj has come, hotel staff has called him to check me, but he did not see me, how is Ishita. He says he does not know. She asks him to talk to Abhishek. He leaves. The man tells Raman that Baba is calling them.

Raman and everyone come there. Baba and Ishita are seated near the havan kund. Raman asks Ishita is she fine. Ishita says Ishita is fine, only till I want. They all get shocked. Ishita says you all felt you all will get me here, and I will leave Ishita, I won’t let anything happen to her, as I need Ishita’s body, I m getting stronger because of your family’s sins, surprise, you all do not know right, my strength is Ashok, and Ashok’s strength is his informer inside your house, there is a traitor in your family, he is Ashok’s informer. They all get shocked hearing this.

Ishita says I won’t say the name, but that person is between you all, you all regarded Shagun a cheater, but your family is a cheater, every news is going to Ashok, Raman you felt I will leave Ishita’s body, you are a fool, I will not leave Ishita, you want to kill Shagun, I will kill you. Baba controls her. Ishita asks Baba to stop it and screams. She faints. Everyone cry. Raman looks on shocked and recalls her words, thinking of his family members.

Raman tells Ishita that there is someone in this house who is helping Ashok, we have to find that person. Everyone look on. Ishita says I don’t believe this. Ashok talks to his informer and says this is Ishita’s plan, I know Shagun is alive.

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