Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd December 2015 Episode Update

The Episode starts with Shagun getting shot in her hand. She hides. The goons miss her. Ashok comes there. The goon says she was just here, I shot her. Ashok slaps him and says I want her alive, I have to take her to Bhalla house. He leaves. Abhishek and Prateek are on the way. Prateek says I don’t know where is Shagun, why did she go and tries calling her. Shagun cries hiding under something and in pain.

Khosla calls Bala. Bala asks him whats the matter. Khosla congratulates him for his car booking ,his new car will be outside the car. Bala asks him to cancel the booking, he can’t face Vandu. Vandu comes and he changes the topic. Vandu says you work so much Bala, I m glad you are so serious for work. She asks him to think and do anything. He says I will be careful.

Shagun comes out of that wooden structure. She holds her bleeding hand and looks around. She leaves. Ishita comes there and looks for Shagun. She calls out Shagun. Abhishek and Prateek come there to that same road. Ishita asks them to find out. Abhishek says we are unable to find out. She asks did Ashok’s goons kidnap Shagun? Abhishek says no, else Ashok would have gone home to expose you. Romi calls Ishita and says Raman is asking about you. Ishita says I m leaving now, I m coming. She ends call and cries. Abhishek asks her to go home, they will find Shagun. She says please keep me updated and leaves. Shagun’s watch is shown on the ground.

Khosla tells Suraj that Bala fought with his wife and now they patched up, Bala does not want to take the car, I booked it, the booking can’t be cancelled. Suraj says fine, get car delivered to my house, we will think of Bala later. Ashok calls Sarika and asks about Ishita. She says Ishita went for emergency. Ashok tells her that Shagun fooled him and ran away, and asks her to inform if she knows anything. The goons tell him that they did not get Shagun.

Ashok says the one who finds her, he will give 2 lakhs to that person. Shagun sees the goons coming and hides behind the car. They look for her. She opens a dicky and gets inside a car to hide. Khosla calls the manager and asks the man to deliver it to Suraj Khanna, not Bala. He says I will message Suraj’s address. Its same car in which Shagun is hiding. The goon notices that dicky, while it moves. He calls the other goons and opens dicky. The watchman stops them and asks them to leave, else he will call police. The goons leave.

Its morning, Ishita calls Abhishek and asks did he find. He says no, Prateek and I have tried to find her all night. She asks how is this possible. He says we checked everywhere. She says we will find her again, I m coming there. Raman wakes up and asks where is she going. She lies about patient emergency. He says I planned to have breakfast with you. She says I will come soon and goes. She asks Neelu to give breakfast to Raman. Neelu asks her to have breakfast. Ishita says I m in hurry and leaves. Sarika looks on and thinks Ishita may be going to meet Shagun. Romi gives her phone and asks who is this friend. Sarika lies and says its new friend. She calls Ashok and says Ishita left in hurry, did she get any info about Shagun.

Ishita, Abhishek and Prateek come to that same road and looks around. She gets Shagun’s watch and tells them that its Shagun’s watch. She asks them to look for her. Abhishek shows the blood marks. She gets shocked.

Shagun sees Ashok and gets shocked. Ashok signs and takes the car. He says its good to have to new car and goes to the car. She gets worried being inside the car.


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