Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 25th December 2015 Episode Update

Manvi opens the door and begins to go inside. Raj asks her to stop. I will introduce you to Rahul’s fans. He makes her meet the reporters. They ask her if it is a love marriage. Raj affirms. I am very happy with this wedding. Rahul brought such a simple girl in our home. We have so many cars but she took an auto to go and meet her ill father. I always wanted a simple girl like her only. Reporters ask about Avanti. She comes there just then. Reporters throng her with questions. She replies she knew about Rahul and manvi from before. They both love each other a lot. Manvi is a very simple girl. She isn’t used to this camera and media which is why we asked you to go out. Raj is relieved at her statement. Avanti adds that they only wanted to add a surprise element in Rahul’s wedding just like he does in his concerts. Raj invites the reporters for the reception in the evening. Click as many pics of the newlywed as you can. Excuse us for now. The reporters leave. Raj thanks Avanti before going inside.

Raj asks Manvi if she is feeling happy by making a joke of them. I have to say sorry and thank you today to the journalists who used to call me for months. You must be happy. You have no interest in my son. Avanti handled the situation well or you would have gotten us insulted. Rahul comes there. Keep quiet before media. Stick to your business only. Avanti tells him to calm down. What’s Manvi’s fault in this? They both love each other. Let it be. As far as I know Manvi, she wont do anything that will ruin this family’s name. She loves Rahul so much that she will take care of his family and its respect very nicely. Manvi nods. Raj says not everyone is sensitive and sensible like her. He turns to Manvi. You will cook food tonight. I have called a lot many guests. They are all VVIPs. No complaint should come. Avanti assures him there wont be any problem. We are there for Manvi. Raj denies. No one will help her. As per the rituals, the DIL of the house makes food after the marriage. They married as per their wish. Now we will see if they will fulfil the rituals or not. Rahul feels bad for Manvi. She agrees to cook food tonight. She goes inside.

Avanti asks Rahul about his married life. Rahul says we will sit and talk.

Sujoy brings food for Shilpa at the hospital. She is touched by his gesture. You think so much about us. He acts all good. Uncle should get well soon. She shares that doc is not saying anything for certain. He thinks to do something to make sure Upmanyu never gets up. You look tired. Please go and rest for a while. She politely denies. He tells her not to blame herself or Manvi for whatever happened. Rahul is to be blamed for it. I can atleast do this much for you. Shilpa says Manvi would have been so happy if she had married you. Maybe God dint want to give her this much happiness. Harsh will be coming soon. I will go home once he is here. Sujoy nods. He turns to go. She is not leaving from here for even a minute. I have to do my work asap.

Avanti and Rahul sit down to talk. She asks him if he is going to cry. He shakes his head. I don’t know how to say sorry to you for what I did with you. I am sorry. She says it is ok. You have actually done a favour on me. I feel great to see your love for Manvi. I hope to find a guy like you soon who will love me just the way you love Manv. Pray for me. He nods. You will find a better person than me. He will be really lucky. You are a great girl. you deserve so much better. You were dressed as a bride and I had to leave you. The circumstances were such that I couldn’t do anything. I dint want it. She says I did feel bad but I understand. At times, things don’t happen the way we think. You have promised me a lifelong friendship. I will forgive you soon if you will be a good friend to me. He agrees for the deal. I will try my best to be your best friend. She suggests him to be with his wife now. She is a simple girl from a small family. She wont understand the ways of high society. You will have to guide her. I will meet aunty in the meanwhile. Always remember that I am there for you whenever you are in a problem. She goes from there. He mentally thanks her for not judging him. Atleast there is someone in the house!

Rahul comes to his room. He tells her not to cook food tonight. You don’t look well anyways. I will order from outside. She taunts him for lying and hiding things from his own family. I will cook food on my own. He wonders what her problem is. Why do you always pinpoint at my upbringing? Talk to me. why blame my parents! She says whatever I am doing today, I am doing thinking that I may like it or not but I am the DIL of this family. I don’t want anyone to raise a finger on my upbringing. I am not like you. He asks her if she thinks he does not care about anyone’s emotions. I dint do it for myself but for you. She refuses to seek his help even if he was the last person on earth. He leaves it on her if she does not want to trust him. I told you earlier also why I did all this. I made a promise to your Baba. You will regret everything when he will gain conscious and tell everyone the truth. She warns him not to take her Baba’s name from his ill mouth. He would have never let me stay with you if he was conscious today. He knows how bad a person you are. He would have thought it better to keep me at home then let me marry you. He gives up on her. It is pointless to talk to you. Manvi’s phone rings. It is Sujoy.

He acts all concerned. Are you alright? She assures him she is fine. Rahul takes her phone. He warns Sujoy not to dare call Manvi again or he will kill him. Manvi tells him not to talk to Sujoy like that. Rahul points out that as of now he is only saying it, but he does mean it! He repeats his words for Sujoy before disconnecting the call. Sujoy thinks he wont leave Manvi so easily. Manvi calls back Sujoy before Rahul only. You don’t have to worry about Rahul. You are and will always be my friend. You can call me anytime you want. I will talk to you later. I have to cook for the guests. He tells her to take care. The call ends. Sujoy is glad that his trick was good. Rahul’s every good deed seems negative to her. He can do anything nice but he will always be the villain in her eyes. I will be the hero. This is good. The countdown starts soon. Manvi will come back to me.

Rahul tells Manvi she is making a mistake by trusting a cheap man like Sujoy. She asks him if he is a good person. You married me stealthily. I am here today only for my mother. These rituals matter a lot for her. Don’t think you will force your wishes on me. SUjoy is not just my Baba’s friend’s son but a good human being too. I wont break my relation with him for your like or dislike.

Nisha is talking to someone on phone. Avanti comes there. Shopping? Nisha says I was ordering for Manvi. Dad asked me to get something for Manvi as per our standards for tonight’s party. I wonder what she will cook. I could have helped in the kitchen if it was you in her place. I don’t feel like helping her at all. I feel so insulted. We have invited some 50 guests. Manvi will make us look down. Avanti points out that she invited a few more people too. They are all whom uncle would like to impress. Manvi will fail. It would have been my day today if Manvi wasn’t there. No problem, it will still be my day. Nisha likes her plan. We should often make dad realise that Manvi does not deserve to live with us. Till when will Rahul save her? He will understand the truth one day. How can someone be mad to leave a girl like you? Avanti replies that this madness will end some day. I have some work. I will see you. NIsha thinks how people fall in other people’s words so soon. I know Rahul will never leave Manvi. He himself will leave the house because of his family members facing issues with her.

Manvi is cooking. Chotu offers to help her. You don’t look well. I will do it. I helped Nisha BHabhi too. Manvi politely denies. The DIL of the house cooks food the first day after the wedding. This is the ritual. I am used to cooking food for these many people. I used to help Ma cook food during Durga puja or any occasion. Why waste money on caterers? Chotu nods.

Raj thanks Nisha for making all the arrangements. This party is a way to do damage control. All the guests should not find anything wrong. They should think we are happy with our new DIL. She assures him there wont be any mistake.

Manvi keeps cooking even though unwell. The time is very less. Hope the food gets ready on time.

Precap: Avanti tells Manvi that her wedding happened in rush. I tried to make Rahul understand but he invited 50 more guests at the last minute. How will you manage things at such a short notice?

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