Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th January 2016 Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ishita talking on phone about getting in touch with manager. She goes to check Rohit. Romi says he is with Neelu and shows the day care centres options. She chooses one. He says its far. She says it costs less. He says I can do this for Rohit, money is not a problem. She says fine, he is your child. She smiles seeing his concern.

Raman meets Adi’s friend’s dad and says I have come to give these sleeping bags, I came here for some reason, I wanted to meet your son. The man says he went out, but why. Raman says I wanted to know why did he not invite Adi here. The man says sorry, no one wants to be Adi’s friends, they all feel Adi is very serious, he complains to teachers when anyone does mischief, maybe this is the reason. Raman says maybe sincerity and being obedient is not in fashion, I will take this sleeping bag, it may spoil your kid and make him sincere. He taunts him and leaves.

Romi asks Mihika how is she. She says I m fine, come, have coffee, we will find solution about day care centre. Amma asks Romi why is he putting Rohit in creche. Romi says I m also busy. Amma says family can manage him. He says I don’t know will they take care of Rohit well or not, but mummy does not see Rohit, and even Ishita is ignoring him, I have no option now. Ishita wishes Amma does not spoil her plan. Amma says I will manage Rohit. Romi thanks her and asks her not to tell this to Mrs. Bhalla. He thanks Mihika for this and leaves. Ishita goes to Amma. She asks what did she tell Romi, that she will manage Rohit.

Amma asks can’t I manage Rohit. Ishita says I can also manage, Neelu, Raman and others too can manage, but we are not managing, we want Romi to understand his responsibility, Romi is coming close to Rohit. Amma says sorry, why did you not tell me before, I did not see Romi putting Rohit in crèche. Mihika says yes, don’t tell this to Romi, I have to leave for office. Ishita gets a call and someone threatens her asking her not to go to that orphanage, she won’t be lucky this time to get saved. Ishita asks who is it. The call ends. Ishita thinks who wants to hide Rohit’s identity, is Sarika related to this, I have to find out.

Sarika cries and shouts. She asks police staff to let her call her husband once. Sarika calls Romi. Its not reachable. Constable says someone came to meet Sarika. Sarika says he would be my husband, and goes to meet. She says I knew you will come to take me. Ishita talks to Shagun and says don’t know who does not want me to know about Rohit’s parents, I will tell Raman, you take rest. Raman comes home. Ishita asks what happened. Raman says they all feel Adi is boring and we gave him wrong good values. She says Adi does not need such friends. Raman says Adi will feel bad when he knows his friends ditched him, its not easy, I know my Adi, he will feel left out and break down, I have to do something.

Its morning, Romi tells Mrs. Bhalla that he is going to drop Rohit at day care. Sarika comes there and they all get shocked. She tells Rohit that she missed him and will always be with him now. Ishita asks how did you get free from jail. Sarika says you will be shocked seeing me, as I came out without your help. Romi asks her to get out. Sarika says why, I thought you really love me, you are a cheater, you forgot your wife soon. He says you are cheater, our marriage was a cheat, you cheated my family. Mrs. Bhalla asks how did you get free. Sarika says there are good people in world too, Ashok Khanna got me freed. Ashok walks in. They all get angry.

Ishita stops Ashok. Raman says fine, I don’t see this drama. Sarika says I have right on this house, Romi married me, you all felt you will send me to jail and chapter will close, I m sorry, I have bear a lot, you are saying I broke this house, what did you do, left me in jail, I did mistake, Romi left me at marriage day, when I was pregnant, Raman came and made fun of my poverty, Mrs. Bhalla told I m characterless, my mum died, you all came to me asking for Romi’s baby, you would have not come if Romi could get baby again, what wrong did I do to get my love by using someone’s child, my baby died because of Romi. Ishita says every woman does not do this, every woman has a mother’s child, you did bad things, you don’t feel guilty, you felt we will forgive you, you feel it was injustice with you, fine, why did you take revenge, Raman slapped Romi for you, so that you get accepted in this house, you tried to kill Raman, we have little kids, Adi and Ruhi, you attacked them, you are here to show you are helpless, sorry, you lost respect joining hands with our enemy, we don’t have pity on you.

Sarika says I m not great like Ishita, I joined hands with Ashok, as he helped me, he got me out of jail. Mr. Bhalla asks her to get out. She says I m your bahu, you can ask bahu’s rights, Ishita knows well, bahu can get family arrested in one min. Amma asks why is Romi taking so much time to get Rohit. Mihika says relax, I will go and see. Ishita says yes, but you lost all rights Sarika. I promise I won’t let you snatch my family’s happiness.

Romi asks Sarika to get out and drags her. Mihika comes and asks when did Sarika come out of jail. Sarika asks her not to say anything. Ishita says we won’t let Sarika stay in our house, and asks Abhishek to come. Abhishek comes there with a lawyer. Ishita asks did he get restraining orders, tell her, we don’t have any place for her in this house. Abhishek says Sarika will stay here, its court order and I can’t do anything. Ashok and Sarika smile.

Sarika shamelessly argues with Raman and says I thought to shift to this room, as I fear to stay with Romi. Raman and Ishita get shocked.

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