Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th January 2016 Episode Update

The Episode starts with Raman trying to find Ishita. He makes call and could not reach her. He thinks where did she go. Ishita comes from washroom and sees Chadda dead, and Pallavi sitting in shoc. She says what will we do, I will call ACP Abhishek, he will help. She calls Abhishek. He answers call. Pallavi takes her phone and switches it off. Ishita says I want to talk to Abhishek. Pallavi says you did murder. Ishita says it was in self defense to save you. Pallavi says I know this that you came to save me and got trapped, Amar would have killed me, but none will understand this. Ishita says we will explain them. Pallavi says you did a great thing, he used to beat me daily, I used to live in fear thinking what will he do with me, you freed me from him, thank you so much. They cry. Ishita says see we have to explain police and surrender, I did wrong.
Pallavi says no, they will not understand, you don’t know Amar’s family, they are powerful people, they will not leave you and me, we have to do something. Ishita asks what to do. Abhishek says Ishita called me at this time and now her phone is going off, why did she call me. Raman is worried at home. Ruhi shows her school project and says don’t tell this to Ishita, this is our house and our family stays here, I will get marker, wait. The project falls. Ruhi cries and says my house broke. Raman pacifies her.

Ishita asks what, are you mad, are we criminals to dump body, we will inform police, Chadda got killed as I was saving you, police will understand, let me call police. Pallavi stops her and says you are really good, just agree, not for me, but help me for the sake of kids, think of Adi, Ruhi and my Rohit, please, we have to dump this body. Ishita says we have laws with us. Pallavi says what law, Amar’s family is powerful, they will change truth, I have seen all that, just help me, everything will be fine, I don’t want you to go jail because of me, please. Ishita cries and says I did murder.

Abhishek calls Raman and asks is everything fine, Ishita called me and it got disconnected before I answered it, then her phone is off. Raman says I m trying to call her, she is not at home. Abhishek says don’t worry, I will trace the call. Raman worries.

Pallavi says we will put body in this bag. Ishita asks are you out of your mind, how will you hide. Pallavi says we will throw this bag far. Ishita says what will you say anyone when they ask about your husband. Pallavi says stop it, I will say I m also worried. Ishita asks how much will you lie. Pallavi says shut up, I m doing this for both of us, I beg you, help me.

Raman says I m worried, I m going to find her. Mihir says come with me, and Romi you go other side. Aman says don’t tell this to Ruhi and Adi. They leave. Pallavi asks Ishita to help. Ishita cries and they together out Chadda in the bag. Pallavi and Ishita get the bag downstairs. The door bell rings. They get shocked. Ishita asks did you call anyone. Pallavi says no, what to do, relax, we will hide this bag, hurry up.

Pallavi hides her wound by her hair and goes to check who came. She opens the door and sees Ashok. Ashok says I m Ashok Khanna, I want to meet Chadda. Ishita hears him and cries in worry. Pallavi says he is not at home. Ashok says what do you mean, he called me. Pallavi says he went out of station for work, meet him tomorrow. She shuts door. Ashok says whats this way to say. Pallavi tells Ishita about Chadda’s client. Ishita says we are doing wrong, that’s Ashok.

Ashok says bl**dy hell, Chadda would have informed me about meeting cancelled, he calls himself professional, weirdo. He sees Ishita’s car there and says what is this doing here, don’t know, maybe she came to meet someone, why to waste my time. He leaves.

Abhishek tells Raman that he could not trace the call. Raman panics. Abhishek says we will check for her last call. Mihir says we will check on route to Shagun’s home. They leave. Pallavi asks Ishita to help her. Ishita says I won’t help and cries. She says I m not a criminal, I will tell police. Pallavi says okay fine, tell police, spoil everything, how can you be so selfish, you don’t care for family, Raman and kids, think about them, your to be born child, you will be in jail, don’t know he will be born or not. Ishita shouts Pallavi. Pallavi says call police if you don’t care about anyone, your phone is off, call by landline. Your sister is already trapped, you also go to jail, I care for Rohit. She takes phone to call and Ishita stops her.

Pallavi says I don’t want to do this, we have to dispose this body please, think, promise me you won’t say this to anyone, swear on your to be born child.

Abhishek and everyone try to trace Ishita. Abhishek says I got call from police station, her location is traced, and tells place. Raman says Mr. Chadda stays there, come. Pallavi goes to lock the door. Watchman stops Ishita and asks who are you. She says I came to meet Chaddas. He asks did you make entry here. She says yes, Pallavi was giving away her useless junk. He says fine, go. Pallavi comes and Ishita says I lied to him. They leave from there in Ishita’s car.

Raman, Mihir and Abhishek come there and ring the bell. Mihir says there is no one at home. They ask watchman. The man says Chadda mam went with someone. Raman shows Ishita’s pic and asks was it this woman. The man says yes, she was the one, she had big bag with her.

Pallavi says you made my life hell, I will erase every sign of you and burns Chadda. Ishita comes home. Raman asks her where were you, why did you go to Chadda’s house.

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