Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th January 2016 Episode Update

The Episode starts with Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla having an argument over keeping or dropping Rohit at orphanage. Raman gets a call and says I have to go, Romi got drunk and is at the bar. He leaves. Mrs. Bhalla asks Mr. Bhalla to see Romi’s state, she will choose Romi over Rohit. She cries and goes. Mr. Bhalla asks her to do anything, foolish woman. Ishita goes to Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to go. Ishita says fine, but Rohit is your beloved child, you loved him a lot, what happened to your love. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, I loved him thinking he is my blood, but the truth is out now, Romi will not get any child again. Ishita says Rohit is Romi’s child. He has relation of heart with us, Adi and Ruhi don’t have blood relation with me, they love me. Then how is Rohit’s not our family child. Mrs. Bhalla says he is not, don’t know how Sarika got him, fine suppose we keep him, what if his parents to take him, I lost a lot in this one year, I lost my daughter, then my bahu who broke my heart, I can’t bear anything, if I love Rohit a lot, what if parents come and take him, I don’t have strength now. She cries.

Its morning, Neelu manages Rohit and tells Raman everyone went out. Romi sits with a hangover. Neelu says I have to go to get some items. Raman says I will manage, I will take him to office, afterall he has to manage business. He sees Romi and says we have to explain father’s duties to someone. Romi gets angry and leaves. Raman says I will take you to office Rohit, we will convince your dad. Rohit smiles.

Mihika likes vada pau and eats it. She checks a file and asks Appa to send Sahil to him, she is hiring. Appa says great, Mr. Bhalla is already worried for Rohit, it will be good news for him. Mihir comes office and does not see staff. He asks a man whats this bottle. The man says boss asked for it. Mihir says Raman asked for child’s milk bottle, whats happening. Raman and staff manages Rohit. Mihir comes and says understood. Raman smiles feeding Rohit. He goes for the meeting. He takes Rohit along and says thank God he had a burp, its necessary for babies.

The man tells about project. Raman asks him to pass a tissue. The men make faces. Raman is busy with Rohit and does not pay attention. The man asks Raman are you listening. Raman says yes, sorry, say. Raman gives his opinion and manages Rohit. The man says even we have wife and children. Another man asks him to open baby care centre, what did his wife do. Raman says if wife can manage home, we can manage kids, my wife also works, what if she does not do any work, shall we leave kids on their own, sorry but both husband and wife has to share work. He says baby is feeling sleepy and goes with Rohit.

Bala worries as some workers/men ask for payments. The man says Khosla said you will pay us. Bala asks for some time. The men argue. Bala gets worried. Ishita comes home and asks Neelu for Rohit. Neelu says Raman took him to office, he is in room now. Ishita smiles and comes to Raman. Raman and Ishita talk about Rohit’s parents. He asks whats the need, we decided to keep him. She says yes, but Sarika lied a lot, don’t know if adoption is not right, we should know its roots. He says Rohit is our family’s child, we have to accept him. If Romi does not understand, we are enough for him. She says Rohit will grow up and see Romi and Mrs. Bhalla don’t love him, if we can find it, then we can convince Romi. He says it means your love depends on blood.

She asks how can you think this, I m saying this for Rohit’s better. He says Rohit won’t go anywhere. She says I m saying same. She tells Rohit everything will be fine and kisses him.

Its night. Raman sees her with Rohit. He says she is sleeping while hugging him, as if Rohit is her child. He takes Rohit and she wakes up. She says sorry, I slept, and asks Raman to see Rohit, she will check if Neelu made dinner. He asks her not to be annoyed with him, sorry for what he said, but Rohit is like Adi and Ruhi. She says we think same, but our thoughts are different. He says that’s why I thought to find Rohit’s parents, if Sarika lied, we will adopt him. She smiles.

She asks really. He says yes, Adi, Ruhi, Rohit and our coming child. We are good parents, we will manage them. She thinks to find out Rohit’s parents for telling Mrs. Bhalla.


Ishita asks Romi to take Rohit for polio. Romi meets Sarika. Sarika tells Romi that she loves him. He scolds her.

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