Surbhi and Varun Interview | Qubool Hai

Varun and Surbhi Interview| Qubool Hai has given us some great memories and friendship that continues beyond the show. Yes, we had a fantastic conversation with Varun and Surbhi.

We tried to re-live the segment that we had lost. Again, we are aware that neither them, nor we remember the exact question now. Also, we don’t remember the answers. But certain aspects of people we know always remain despite time having passed or relationship having evolved.

We remember the chivalry that Varun always extends to everyone. And Surbhi definitely agrees with us about him being a gentleman. Besides this of course, she did talk about him in depth, which we are sure you are eager to know.

One of the interesting statements that Varun made was, “Hamein sirf lagta rehta hai.”

Don’t we all have friends who are like these? Some are at a wavelength where we do know what they are thinking however, discussing the process itself is the high.

Well, Varun and Surbhi definitely share a friendship that has sustained and evolved with time beyond them working together in Qubool Hai.

We really hope you are liking the interviews we have lined up for you and yes, while we are getting a bit delayed in them being posted, you shall be happy to know that we have not lost any data, yet.

We would love to hear from you about what you think of the interview.

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