Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd March 2016 Episode Update

The Episode starts with Amma talking to Ruhi. Ruhi tells her that she misses Raman, but she has to be strict with Raman till he gets sense. Amma says Ishu will be proud of you. Ruhi asks her to go and take care of Appa. Mrs. Bhalla cooks everything. Niddhi sees the dishes and says I will do the garnishing. She sends her and wears apron fast. She waits for Raman. Raman comes and says wow, you managed all alone. She says yes, mummy ji is unwell, and caterer backed out. He calls her multi talented and likes the food. He asks did you do all this alone or did Simmi help. She says she cooked alone, and asks him to get ready. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma look on. Mrs. Bhalla tells Amma that Niddhi is drama queen. Amma asks Mrs. Bhalla to drink wine today, and create drama in party. Mrs. Bhalla likes the idea and says we will see her.

The man gives Raman’s description to sketch artist. The man says I have my shop work, can I leave now. Inspector allows him to go. Abhishek comes and asks for sketch. The ink falls on the sketch. Abhishek asks him to make another sketch. The man says Govind is gone. Abhishek sees the half sketch and says it looks like Raman, maybe that man has seen Raman, as Raman was present there. He thinks why did Raman not say that he took Ishita to the cliff, he is behaving strange, there is something wrong.

Niddhi attends her friends in the party. Mrs. Bhalla comes drinking. Amma and Simmi look on. Mrs. Bhalla hugs the girls and asks them to have food. Niddhi holds Mrs. Bhalla. Simmi says mummy is overacting. Amma says let her go. Mrs. Bhalla says I m enjoying party. The girl tells Niddhi that her mum in law is super cool. Niddhi introduces her friend Nisha. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says Nisha’s husband has left her. Nisha denies. Mrs. Bhalla says if you have affair with husband’s friend, this had to happen. Niddhi asks her friends to relax, mummy ji jokes a lot. Nisha and other ladies start arguing.

Ashok talks to Raichand. Raichand asks what did you think to impress Shanaya. Ashok shows a diamond necklace. Raichand asks do you think you will impress her with gifts, think something else and high class, you have less time. Ashok says don’t worry, shall we have a drink. Raichand says sure.

Raman comes home and sees the guests leaving. He asks Niddhi what happened. Niddhi says because of your mummy, she ruined my party by insulting my friends. She cries. Raman scolds Mrs. Bhalla for ruining the party. Niddhi worked hard all day. Simmi tells Raman that mummy has cooked all the food, what happened to you, you have gone blind. Ruhi looks on. Raman asks Simmi to stop it and taunts her for not managing her marriage. He defends Niddhi and says I will marry Niddhi whatever you all do. You all feel Ishita will come back, stop it, accept the fact, Niddhi is going to become bahu of this house. He takes Niddhi with him. Mrs. Bhalla tells Amma that Raman changed. Amma asks her to rest. Simmi takes Mrs. Bhalla. Ruhi says how did Raman forget Ishita.

Abhishek talks to Romi about Raman. Romi tells details of that day, when Raman came back and broke news that Ishita jumped from cliff, he is behaving strange, Niddhi has taken over Raman and is staying at Bhalla house. Abhishek asks do you honestly think Ishita can commit suicide. Romi says I can’t believe this. We all miss her a lot, we feel there is no aim in life without her, Raman is busy with Niddhi, kids are missing Ishita a lot. He cries. Abhishek asks him to go home. Romi leaves. Abhishek says it means Raman was not with Ishita when she was hanged, he could be with her at cliff, like Govind said. He asks inspector to call Govind.

Shagun asks Manoj’s mum is signing prenup important, don’t you trust me. Manoj’s mum says I trust you, but these days, nothing is certain, so my lawyer suggested this. Shagun thinks who is this lawyer, and goes to meet. She sees Niddhi and says I should have known this. Niddhi asks her not to feel bad, if she is sure of her love, she can sign the contract. She says I added some clauses, you can meet your kids twice a year, and you will not keep relation with this baby after delivery, the baby will go to Raman, and Raman will be taking all decisions for the third child. Shagun gets shocked and looks at Manoj.

Raman gets shocked seeing a note. Niddhi asks Raman about the note, and says you told me Ishita is dead.

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