Ab Kya Karegi Ishita Shagun ka Raaz Khulne ke Baad | Ye Hai Mohabbatein

Pihu has hurt Ishita by hitting photo frame at Ishita’s forehead. Ishita gets sorrowful. Shagun has filled poison in Pihu’s mind. Pihu tells Raman that Ishita has come to separate Shagun, Raman and her. Pihu insults Ishita and also curses her. Ishita breaks down hearing such bitter words from her daughter. Raman gets angry and slaps Pihu. He makes Pihu leave from the room.

Ishita tells Raman that Pihu does not regard her as mother. Raman consoles her and tells her that they all love her. Adi comes with medicines and takes care of Ishita. Raman worries seeing Ishita upset. Raman acts to be in tooth ache and Ishita turns house dentist for him. She gives medicinal tips to Raman. Raman tells her that he is not kid to brush twice. They hug and spend some sweet moments. Raman acts just to make Ishita smile. Ishita is worried because of Shagun’s manipulations. What will Ishita do now? Keep reading.

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