Ishqbaaz: Anika shocked to Know about Gayatri’s murder Case and Omkara's involvement

Ishqbaaz: Priyanka-Om hiding secret related to Gayatri's murder case

In the upcoming episode Of Ishqbaaz, the show to witness high voltage drama as ACP targets Priyanka for exposing the secret of Oberoi family.

ACP is very clever, he plays game and sends some parcel to Priyanka which will contain pic of Gayatri's body.

Priyanka panic seeing the pic and rushes to Om, she shows it to Om and he also gets shocked.

Omkara shocked seeing the parcel

Priyanka feels tha maybe someone was there that night and seen everything.

Omkara will reciev parcel containing blood stained dry leaves, he will get shocked.

Omkara will consoles Priyanka saying that nothing will happen to her even if the secret comes out.

It will be interesting to see whether Om  (Kunal Jaisingh) has really murdered Gayatri or not.

Stay tuned for the Ishqbaaz upcoming twist.

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