Ishabaaz mein aaya ek aur naya modh

Ishqbaaz Shivaye (Nakuul Mehta) determines to protect Anika from Daksh's evil intentions.

In the upcoming episode, Daksh proproses Anika for marriage infront of everyone in the Oberoi mansion.Everyone gets shocked and Shivaye says that once she has said no it means no.

Anika just then says that she is ready to marry Daksh and Shivaye gets shocked.Shivaye gets upset hearing this and he is not able to believe that Anika said yes for marriage.

Anika-Daksh will get married along with Shivaye-Tia.Everyone gets really happy and Daadi decides to makes Anika-Daksh married along with Shivaye-Tia.

Later Shivaye comes to know about Daksh's evil intentions against Anika.Shivaye try to protect her and then he even warns her against his evil intentions.

Stay tuned for the upcoming twist of Ishqbaaz

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