Raman and Ishita ab ban rahen hai Protective parents

In Star Plus Show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Raman (Karan Patel) turns protective father keeping Ruhi away from fraud Sohail

In the forthcoming episode, Raman and Ishita calls Ruhi and asks her about Sohail.Ruhi gets amazed and does not understands that why they are asking so.

Raman &  Ishita asks her to tell that from how long she knows Sohail.So then she says To  that they are very good friends and now she will be helping him.Ruhi helps Sohail as he needs money for his father's treatment.

But Raman gets angry hearing this and asks Ruhi to stay away from Sohail as he is fraud person.Raman and Ishita feels that Sohail si fraud as he lied to them about his father.

Just then Sohail comes there and tells eveything that his father was psychatrist but now he himself has become ill.Sohail tells that he needs money for his father treatment so Ruhi will be helping him, she will sing in his concert.

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