Ek baar phir se hua nafratbaaz ka attack in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaaz Latest News: Shivaay signs divorce papers, but his actions may lead to believe that he has secret plan of exposing Tia

The ongoing Tia Pregnancy Drama in Star Plus show Ishqbaaaz will keep bringing in twists that will go on till Tia’s (Navina Bole) reality gets exposed in front of entire Oberoi family, as hoped by Anika (Surbhi Chandna).

As per the current track in Ishqbaaaz, Tia has declared her pregnancy and also has declared that Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) is the father of Tia’s baby. Shivaay gets shocked to hear Tia’s claim, however, Tia produces DNA report proving her claim.

Anika stands by Shivaay and Shivaay gets one more DNA test done, which again reveals Shivaay as the father of Tia’s unborn baby. Shivaay gets in dilemma while Anika is sure that Tia is fooling and trapping Shivaay. Tia, her mother Mrs.

Kapoor and Pinky ask Shivaay to immediately divorce Anika and marry Tia at the earliest. Shivaay too accepts Tia’s child as his own, being trapped in Tia’s melodrama. Anika wants to save Shivaay and hence refuses to sign the divorce papers. Shivaay doesn’t want Anika to come in trouble by any one and forces Anika to sign the divorce papers. Anika feels helpless and feels that Shivaay is hiding some thing from her. Shivaay gets ruthless and makes Anika sign the divorce papers.

 Even Shivaay signs the papers in front of Tia. Apparently, Mrs. Kapoor threatens Shivaay of exposing family secret if he prolongs the divorce process and hence Shivaay makes Anika sign the divorce papers. However, the pain on Shivaay’s face for parting with Anika can be clearly seen on his face.

During this, Shivaay hands over the divorce papers to his Manager, who tries to pull Shivaay’s attention on the Divorce Papers, however, before the Manager can complete his statement Shivaay stops him from saying anything further. Is this some plan of Shivaay? Does Shivaay sign the divorce papers with secret mission of finding Tia’s truth and to quieten Mrs. Kapoor? What do you think? Let us know your guesses and opinions in the comments section below.

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