Nayatara's Revenge Will Bring strom in Oberoie's life In Ishqbaaz

In Star Plus Show Ishqbaaz Nayantara get furious put up Anika (Surbhi Chandana)-Pinky throws her out from Oberoi mansion. Star Plus love drama Ishqbaaz will witness a number of twist and turns in the imminent song.

Pinky changes the DNA reviews and then she asks Nayantara to depart as her paintings is finished. But she needs extra money earlier than leaving; Pinky refuses to offer her extra cash.

So then Nayantara refuses to leave Oberoi mansion, Pinky gets indignant &  she insults her infront of absolutely everybody. Anika throw Nayantara out from Oberoi mansion

This makes Nayantara also angry and she pushes Pinky, she turned into about to fall however Anika holds her and saves her from falling. Anika lashes out at Nayantara for misbehaving with Pinky then she throws her out from Oberoi mansion. Nayantara gets truely indignant &  he or she decides to take revenge from Pinky and Anika for insulting her.

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