Omkara Stunned By Gauri's Activity In Star Plus Dil Boley Oberoi

Kaali’s bali plan for Chulbul will create high voltage drama in the approaching track  of Ishqbaaz spin off Dil Bole Oberoi on Star Plus.

Om reaches Kaali’s den for saving Chulbul’s lifesbut he get irritated put up seeing Gauri.
Om receives furious over Gauri for announcing sour phrases  about Chulbul.

Afterwards  Kaali plans Chulbul’s bali drama and forces Gauri to support him in that drama
Kaalimakes faux Chulbul and make him take a seat on the wheel chair then he starts offevolved the bali drama of Chulbul.

Om tries to save Chulbul from Kaali's bali drama..

Kaali asks goons to keep Om, Gauri and Kaali starts the pooja wherein they do the pooja of the sword with which Kaali will supply the bali of Chulbul. Om receives shocked seeing all this, he shouts and asks Gauri to forestall it however she does not listen.

Om attempts to shop Chulbul however the goons do not leaves him. It may be thrilling to peer that what whether or not Om could be capable of forestall Chulbul’s bali drama or not.

Will Om get to realize that Gauri is Chulbul?

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