Ajay And Omkara enough Fall Into Major Fight When Ajay Exposes Dilpreet in Starplus Show Ishqbaaz

Star plus most popular show Ishqbaaz will now show a tough fight between Omkara and Ajay to win Gauri’s love. On one side, Omkara is yet not ready to give up Gauri, on the other side Ajay is threatening Gauri to get marry. Ajay has finally learned that Dilpreet is Gauri’s husband Omkara in spite knowing truth Ajay is obstinate to marry Gauri.

Ajay and Omkara drastically fall into major fight when Ajay exposes Dilpreet. Present Shivaay and Rudra also join Omkara but at last but not the last Ajay blackmails Gauri and Omkara over Richa and Mukesh’s wedding. Ajay bids open challenge to Omkara that he will get married Gauri at any cost. Will Ajay win defeating Omkara or Oberoi brothers will once again share DDLJ moment with Omkara and Gauri?

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