Another Amazing twist is coming In Star Plus popular show Ishqbaaz

In Star Plus daily show Ishqbaaz viewers will finally get to witness Shivaay revealing everything to Anika about Tanya. As we all know, that Anika is very much sure that Shivaay is pretending to lose his memory.Anika is also aware that there is some really big problem that Shivaay is hiding from them.

Anika is also aware that Tanya is somewhere related to this incident.therefore, Anika will confront Shivaay where Shivaay will end up revealing everything. Shivaay will accept that he is pretend to lose his memory and Anika at the same time.

Shivaay also reveals about the twenty five years ago secret due to which fire incident took palce in Oberoi family due to Dadi.

in addition, Shivaay also suspects an insider’s hand behind this incident. therefore Shivaay wants to unfold the past mystery while Shivaay also reveals that Tanya is getting used by a mystery person who wants to keep an eye on Shivaay’s each and every move.

Anika gets happy and reassured with Shivaay enlightening out everything to Anika and the duo share a passionate hug. Anika will thus try to dig out the past and help Shivaay in his mission.

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