Omkara Shattered and Feels Guilty About His Behaviour with Gauri In Star Plus show Ishqbaaz

In the forthcoming track of Star Plus show Ishqbaaz viewers will get witness remarkable twist.It was earlier seen that Omkara humiliated Gauri to the core and thus Gauri broke ties with him. furthermore, Gauri returned back to her maternal home.therefore to win back Gauri, Omkara has disguise self and staying as paying guest at Gauri’s house.

Gauri thus incorrectly sleeps on Omkara’s shoulders which Omkara likes but Gauri regrets the same on coming back to sense. Gauri thus apologizes before Lord Shiva where Omkara gets to witness Gauri’s purity.

Omkara regrets distrusting Gauri all this while her when she purely loves Omkara.
On a good note, Omkara will be seen supporting in her mission to make Chunri’s ready.
Gauri will slowly start getting inclined towards Omkara where she will finally realise that Dilpreet is her Omkara.

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