Shivaay & Anika will have their first Karva Chouth with an interesting twists and turns in Starplus show Ishqbaaz

The forthcoming most exciting track of Star Plus Ishqbaaz will show ahead romantic drama in Oberoi mansion.Karva Chouth is about to kick in couple’s life where Oberoi’s are very excited especially our lovely Shivaay and Anika…Shivaay &  Anika will have their first Karva Chouth with interesting twists and turns.

In the coming Karva Chouth festive Shivaay-Anika, Senior Oberoi’s with their partner will be seen in red theme.This Karva Chouth is going to be romantic, lovely and also dramatic over Tanya’s presence as she will be seen keeping fast for Shivaay.

It would be intense to watch how Tanya will try to spoil Shivaay and Anika’s first karva chouth.

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