Anika and Gauri are in deep shock learning Shivaay, Omkara’s truth ,divorce Ahead !!

It seems that once again Piya will bring in drastic havoc debasement Shivaay and OMkara’s love life.Star plus most popular daily soap Ishqbaaz will witness some high voltage drama when Piya will again trick Shivaay and Omkara.

Shivaay &  Omkara will decide to confess their mistake to Anika and Gauri. But before they could reveal to Anika and Gauri that Piya trapped them and blackmailing them with the Goa MMS, Piya manipulates the truth. Piya will influence the truth making Anika and Gauri believe that Shivaay and Omkara are flirty cum characterless boys. The major drama gets unfold when Piya herself shows the MMS to Anika and Gauri.

The viewers will get to witness major showdown in the middle of Shivika and Rikara when Anika and Gauri will slap Shivaay and Omkara for cheating behind them. It would be highly intensify to watch how drastically Piya will make Anika and Gauri to give divorce to Shivaay and Omkara.

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