Omkar And Gauri Come CLose To Each Other

Omkar and Shivaay cook for their wives because they know they have done things in the recent past which made their wives upset. The think that when they will cook for their wives, their wives will know that they mean a lot to their husbands and they are ready to make them smile. Meanwhile in the same Oberoi house, Gauri, Bhavya and Anika watch some TV show and realise that the most important thing in a marriage is trust. In the TV show the host tells them that there are a few tests which can tell a wife if her husband trusts her or not. She shows a sample where a wife is blind folded and she falls down deliberately but her husband catches her and doesn't let her fall. The host tells all the ladies that if a husband doesn't let his wife fall that means the wife can trust him blindly. Anika decides that she will take the trust test and Gauri and Bhavya refuse. When Anika leaves to take the test, the host of the TV show tells everyone that there are a few tests which wives can take for themselves.

With his dish in his hands, Shivaay goes to Anika but instead of looking at the plate he is carrying, she rushes inside her room and closes the door. When she goes inside she pretends to fall and Shivaay saves the dish instead of Anika. Anika falls down on the floor and starts yelling at Shivaay. She says that she can't trust him. She says that trust is very important in a marriage and because he doesn't trust her too, he didn't tell her about kidnapping Gauri. Shivaay starts to question her about the person who told Anika these things about trust. Anika unknowingly tells him that she saw it in the TV. Shivaay tells Anika that she doesn't need to listen to any TV show to know that he trusts her completely. He says that she is the only person whom he trusts more than life and he will never betray her trust.

Meanwhile Omkar also takes custard for Gauri and surprises her with his efforts. He makes her eat with his own hands and she realishes it a lot. They both share some intimate moments. Omkar says tgat today he will tell her everything he fells for her but before Omkar could kiss Gauri, Rudra comes and disturbs them. He asks everyone to go to Goa and doesn't let Gauri and Omkar spend some moments in peace.


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