Pinky Accepts Anika After The News Of Her Pregnancy in Ishqbaaz

In Ishqbaaz , we see that Anika watches a TV show and gets to know that women often ignore their bodies and get fat after few years of marriage. She goes and talks to Shivaay about it.  She says that she will go on a diet just like the Chanchal Chatur chachi on TV has instructed. She says that she wants to stay in shape and hence she would be eating healthy food from now onwards. Shivaay makes fun of her and says that she can’t control her hunger till the time of her breakfast, diet is not even in question. She says that she is very serious about dieting and will start right away. She tells Shivaay that she is feeling like eating Tamarind in the morning and she will start her day in a healthy way. Dinky hears this and comes to conclusion that Anika is pregnant.

She hoes rushing to the dining table where everyone is having the breakfast. Initially she keeps on giving himts to everyone and when no one understands she says that everyone should prepare for a new member to come to this family.  She tells Rudra that he doesnt have to be the youngest in the Oberoi house anymore. Someone else will take his place. Anika joins everyone at the dining table and Dinky says that Anika will tell everyone what she is talking about. Gauri offers aloo puri to Anika and Anika refuses to eat it. She says that she is not feeling like eating aloo puri and Dinky once again relates it with the cravings of pregnancy. Since Anika had not eaten all morning Anika faints while sitting on the dining table and everyone’s doubt gets confirmed. Dinky congratulates everyone and says that Anika is pregnant.  Pinky calls Shivaay and asks him to come back home.  She says that this is something very important and he needs to be at home to hear the news. When she comes home he finds out that annika is lying on the bed and everyone has gathered around her. He gets worried after looking at Anika’s condition and Dadi Maa tells him not to be worried. She says that this is very normal for woman who is pregnant and he doesn’t need to worry about Anika.

Anika and Shivaay get shocked to know that The Oberoi family members have assumed that they are going to be parents very soon. Pinky comes forward to Anika and apologizes for her behaviour. She says that it would be very hard for Anika to forgive her but she should try. She says that it was Shivaay who made her mother but it is her who is making her grandmother.  She very lovingly caresses Anika’s hand and says that she is finally accepting her as a daughter in law and she is very happy with her.

Anika and Shivaay tell Rudra, Omkara, Bhavya and Gauri that they have not consummated their marriage yet. So being pregnant is out of the question. They all get worried that the Oberoi family is celebrating the news and they are ready to arrange a press conference to announce it to the people. Shivaay decides that he will go to dadi and tell her the truth.

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