Real Mystery Behind Ananya's Death Revealed in Yeh Hai Mohabbtaein

The current storyline of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is revolving around Param, Simmi &  Raman, Ishita.According To Current Sotryline , Ishita intentionally traps herself in Ananya’s murder case.
Raman, Ruhi all are hell shock knowing Ishita hard-pressed Ananya and killed her intentionally to take revenge from Param and Simmi.

furthermore, the major turning point comes up when Simmi and Param get Ishita arrested.
After knocking new trouble in Raman and Ishita’s life, now its’ payback time for Param and Simmi for their past sins.

Simmi and Param are left with no life after their loving daughter is dead. The fate have paid Param and Simmi back, as they snatched Ruhi from Raman and Ishita now destiny snatched their own blood. The most controversial point of the current story is must wait n watch as if Ananya’s murder is pre-planned by Param?

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