Shocking twist Svetlana Becomes Abhay Singh Oberoi in Ishqbaaz

Shivaay takes Abhay along with him to the Oberoi house and all the elders start getting furious. Tej starts yelling at A hay and says that how dare he stepped back into the Oberoi house. Dadi comes forward and says that she ordered Shivaay to bring Abhay back to the Oberoi house. She says that she is trying to amend the mistakes which she made 25 years ago. Tej and Shakti get speechless and don’t say anything. After a little while all the three brothers welcome Abhay with a hug. They all tell him that they were waiting for their little brother to join the family. Dadi asks Tej and Shakti to behave like elders and accept Abhay into their family. 

Abhay says that he is not alone, his wife will be coming to this family as well. He tells everyone that he has a wife and she to will be joining him too. To everyone’s shock, when Abhay’s wife comes to the Oberoi house, everyone get stunned. His wife turns out to be Svetlana and the Oberoi family feels as if the earth has moved out of their feet. Everyone gets dumbfounded and Svetlana starts mocking them all. She goes to Tej and tells him that he failed to make her the daughter in law of the Oberois and see who has given her the title she desired. She says that now her relationship with him has changed and he is almost like a father in law to her. She starts hugging him but then recalls that he is her father in law. She tells him that she would soon get into a habit of touching his feet. She then gets in front of Gauri and says that she always mocked her for age and now she is the smallest sister in law in the Oberoi house. She says that Gauri should be thankful to God that she became her sister in law instead of becoming the mistress of Omkar.

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