Svetlana Blackmails Shivaay To Come Back To The Oberoi House

 we see that Shivaay takes Svetlana out of the house and asks her never to come back. Svetlana says that she is back with a plan and she has the plan to destroy the entire Oberoi family this time
Shivaay stays quiet to listen to what she has to say. Svetlana tells him that she never comes unprepared and this time she has some truth regarding the Kalyani mill fire. Shivaay tells Svetlana that Abhay told him that there is no such tape which can prove that the Oberoi ability is guilty. Svetlana tells Shivaay that Abhay doesn’t have any such tape, she is the one who owns it. She shows the video to Shivaay in her phone and he gets shocked to see that Tej is standing in front of the Kalyani Mills with a matchstick in his hands. He tells Svetlana that she won’t be able to prove anything in the court with this video because Tej can’t be seen starting the fire. Svetlana says that the media needs gossip and this video provides enough of it. She says that the media will present it in a way, which will ruin all of his reputation. She successfully blackmails Shivaay and he brings her back to the house.

Omkar says that if Shivaay has brought Svetlana back to the house there must be a reason. Anika doesn’t consider Shivaay’s decision and starts questioning Svetlana in front of all the Oberoi family members. She asks Shivaay the reason for bringing Svetlana back to the house. Shivaay gets furious with her constant questioning and he yells at Anika. He asks her to go to her room and stay quiet. Anika takes the yelling personally and stops talking to Shivaay. Shivaay tells her that he would tell her the entire situation once he knows what he is dealing with. She says that when they said their vows to each other, he promised it to her that he will include her in every situation he will ever face in his life but every time he keeps her out of his plans Shivaay says that once he will know the entire truth she will be the first one to know. He asks her to understand and when Anika doesn’t stop speaking he kisses her.

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