Finally a big Decision By Shivaay to save his family in Star Plus Ishqbaaz

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus Ishqbaaz will show Shivaay and Anika in Goa, Shivika has started their new life. Shivaay knows that the whole thing is going to change after this, Shivaay leaves his Oberoi tag and begins normal life. Shivaay decides to lead a life of a common man &  Shivika this begins life like a commoner &  is ready to live simply life.

Anika is a common girl &  enjoys this phase at the same time as Shivaay feels bad that Anika has to adjust in such situation. Anika cheers up Shivaay and therefore decides to make Shivaay enjoy this phase, Anika and Shivaay lives the life of common man. Will Shivaay be able to defeat Swetlana and return back to his Oberoi family.

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