OMG Anika's kidnap and much more drama is coming in Ishqbaaz Starplus

In upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Ishqbaaz is up for some new drama.
Shivaay has come to Goa with Anika and are trying to re-begin their life in Goa while misses their family. Shivaay begins new business in Goa while has to face some goons to get the deal done while these goons that is Carlos will not leave Shivaay.

Carlos isn't ready to accept his defeat in his own place Goa and decides to teach lesson to Shivaay to keep his threat. Carlos finds about Anika and also gets to know that Anika is Shivaay's weak point and will thus kidnap Anika. Carlos will threaten Shivaay at the same time as Carlos is unaware that Shivaay can do anything for Anika and thus takes angry young man avatar

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