Shivaay again trapped in Swetlana's plan in Ishqbaaz

In upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Ishqbaaz is up for some new drama and twist. Shivaay is stuck in Swetlana's bitter trap and now Swetlana asks Shivaay to call press conference to declare their paternership.

Swetlana also gives orders to Shivaay that what he has to say in press conference infront of media.
Shivaay gets furious and warns Swetlana but is forced to do what she said, Shivaay calls media and announces that Swetlana is his partner now.

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Media questions Shivaay that why he gave away Omkara and Rudra's share thus Shivaay verbal abuse Omkara and Rudra infront of media.
Shivaay says to  to media that Omkara is an artist and has no interest in business while Rudra is useless as he had no knowledge about business and only knows to flirt and enjoy life.

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