Shivaays final plan with Omkara and Rudra to expose Svetlana

In the latest episode of Ishqbaaz, Shivaay comes to Anika and asks her to eat. Anika is apologetic about ruining their brunch with Veer and Monali. She feels she is not a good homemaker like Monali. Shivaay tells her how she is special to him. She hugs him and Shivaay advises her to take rest.

At the Oberoi mansion, Gauri throws a box at Tia to test if she can see. It hits her and this gives Tia a chance to blame Gauri for hurting her. Tej scolds Gauri and asks her to leave. Next day, Gauri arranges for a doctor to help cure Tia's blindness.

Cleverly, Tia manages to manipulate the doctor and he declares Tia is blind. He recommends further treatment for her, which can only be done at the hospital. This makes Tej and Jhanvi even more upset with Gauri. Om asks Gauri to apologize and they leave. Shivaay fixes CCTV camera in their house to know who is troubling Anika.

When Omkara and Rudra try to convince Shivaay to return to the Oberoi mansion, Shivaay reveals his plan to expose Svetlana.

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