Ishita Raman divorce will add more drama in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

In starplus show Yeh hai Mohabbatein, Ruhi thanks Shanno for her help. Ishita wants to know what’s troubling Ruhi. Ruhi gets late for the meeting and rushes. Ishita also gets reminded about the meeting. She makes an excuse of meeting her ailing brother. She gets a leave from household work. She gets back to form and reaches the office to help Raman. Ruhi offers help to Ishita. She gets to see Nikhil again, which terrifies her. Ishita comes for the meeting, and hides her face from Raman again. She lies to Raman that she has a cold injection. Simmi finds Ishita clever. Mihika shocks them by her decision of selling her shares.

Ishita stops her from doing this. Mihika tells them that Romi has given her the shares and she can decide about it. Ishita relieves Raman’s tension. Mihika asks Ishita to divorce Raman if she wants the company’s betterment. She blames Ishita for snatching her happiness. She vows to ruin Ishita. She asks Ishita if she can divorce Raman for his good.

Simmi likes Mihika’s game strategy. Ishita yells on Mihika for her madness. She asks Mihika to make Raman agree for divorce first, which can remind Raman that she is his wife. She asks Mihika to get Raman’s signatures first. Ishita wants Mihika to focus on Romi and her relationship. Simmi supports Mihika. She wants Raman’s signatures on the divorce papers. They plan to cheat Raman and get his signatures.

Ishita stops Raman from signing wrong documents. She fills confidence in Raman. She asks Raman to read papers before signing. Ishita asks Raman to check documents well every time, as his negligence may make him fall in trouble. Raman promises to stay alert. Ishita meets Ruhi to know her problem. Ruhi doesn’t share the matter. Ishita tells Mihika’s condition to Shagun. She hopes Raman doesn’t sign the divorce papers by falling in Simmi’s tricks. Ishita tries to fasten her plans and expose Simmi’s truth.


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