Shivaay's lanka dahan plan for Veer to save Anika in Ishqbaaz Starplus

In upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Ishqbaaz is gearing up for sone new action and revelations.Shivaay gears up to expose the truth which is hidden from all and hmejo is the real culprit. Shivaay gets clue against Veer but pretends to be unaware of anything and doubting Anika's mental state.

Shivaay now makes plan for lanka dahan and to end Veer's game and makes Veer confess his own crime.Shivaay versus Veer's battle begins. Shivaay shows strength of ishqbaazi and defeats Veer in his ugly game and shows outside way to him.
Will Shivaay and Anika's this happiness will stay for long or will Veer create new havoc for Anika and Shivaay.

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