Anika's ghunghat mess up with Rudra Bhavya Saumya's marriage confusion

In upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Ishqbaaz is up for some interesting twist and drama. Anika had been threatened by Veer to swap Bhavya and Saumya to get Rudra married to Saumya and not Bhavya. Anika is forced to do it as she had to save Raman from Veer's killer game and things starts to go out of Anika's hand.

Anika will create new syappa as she will get Saumya and Bhavya ready as bride and plays ghunghat game to swap brides.

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Veer versus Anika's marriage game. Veer and Swetlana will get happy thinking thst Rudra and Saumya are getting married while major dhamaka will happen when Bhavya will unveil truth of being bride. Veer and Swetlana will be left stunned as Anika plats smart ghunghat game to swap Saumya with Bhavya.

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