Ishita's vision loss trick works awaits Simmi's one mistake

In upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is gearing up for some interesting twist and drama. Ishita proves Raman innocent and clears that Raman's gun had no bullets and gives clue to police against Rayna and Simmi. Ishita decides to now play masterstroke and for that she plays vision loss game, Ishita also challenges Simmi. Ishita challenges Simmi that now her game will be knocked down as police is after her and Rayna.

Ishita and Simmi's face off... Ishita is awaiting Simmi to do one mistake which may turn loophole for her mission and thus begins to threaten Simmi. Will Ishita get successful in her plan and what game is Ishita playing via her vision loss drama.

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