Rudra agrees to marry Saumya, Aryan's controversy with Shivay's secret plan

In upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Ishqbaaz is up for some interesting twist and drama. Veer's plan gets successful to burst out Aryan's truth infront of all and now Veer executes his plan of sending the reporters to instigate the matter. Shivaay is left in dilemma as to save Oberoi's respect and to save Rudra's happiness which is with Bhavya.

Rudra agrees to marry Saumya.. While Rudra agrees to accept Saumya for Aryan and takes decision of marriage with Saumya leaving Bhavya. Anika, Gauri, Bhavya, Omkara and Shivaay all are shocked hearing this while they tries to console Rudra but he isn't ready to listen. Rudra had done this as per Shivaay's plan and thus now Shivaay takes oath to save Rudra's happiness and get Rudra, Bhavya married abd defeat Saumya, Veer in their ugly game.

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