Tia helps unveiling Veer's plan, Anika's secret game against Veer

In upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Ishqbaaz is up for major drama and twist. Tia gets electric shock which was pre-plotted by Veer for Shivaay and Tia turns victim to it. While now only this Veer plans to kill Tia after she lands in coma as he don't want Tia to turn weak link for him.

Veer and Anika's plan against Tia.. Veer gives this task to Anika which confirms to Shivaay that Tia knows something which Veer don't want to get revealed to anyone. Shivaay will take care of Tia and soon Tia will revive back will unveil Veer's ugly game to Shivaay and here Anika will play game with Veer.

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