Veer falls in Shivaay Anika's pendrive trap, Shivika knocks down Veer

In upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Ishqbaaz is up for some interesting twist and drama. Shivaay and Anika are relieved that Swetlana and Saumya's game has ended and Rudra, Bhavya are married. While Shivaay and Anika now targets Veer and tells police and media about a pendrive which has proof against Veer.

Shivaay and Anika has set this trap for Veer as he had runaway after Swetlana and Saumya's arrest and wants to find him and catch him.

Veer arrested, Shivaay and Anika's plan successful.. Veer falls in Anika and Shivaay's trap and comes to still away pendrive and thus got caught and even tries to attack Anika. While Shivaay reaches on time and knocks down Veer saving Anika, police comes and arrests Veer and Shivika are successful in their mission.

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