Roshni gives birth to junior Adi, Ishita overwhelmed Raman creates tandav

In upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is up for major havoc in Ishita and Roshni's life. Ishita had been hiding Roshni's pregnancy from Raman and Bhalla family as she knows it's consequences and don't want things to get ruined. Roshni will now get get labor pain and Ishita will rush her to hospital where she will give birth to a baby boy.

Ishita verses Raman for Adi's baby. Ishita is overwhelmed and tags the baby as junior Adi and is too happy, while there Aliya is irked with this development. Raman and Bhalla's will also get this news and now Raman wants his Adi's baby and is ready to do anything.

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