Shivaay's and Siddhi fraud unveils with past connection, Siddhi's real conspiracy unveils

In upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Ishqbaaz is up for some interesting twist and drama. Shivaay, Anika, Omkara, Bhavya are shocked seeing Dadi, Rudra and Gauri's madness over Siddhi mayi. Shivaay tries to stop Rudra and Dadi while Omkara tries to talk to Gauri over it ansahad tiff with her over her blind faith. Shivaay and Anika are tensed seeing this and Shivaay promises to sort things soon and goes to meet Siddhi mayi.

Shivaay and Siddhi's past quirky connection. Shivaay warns Siddhi to befool his family while Siddhi gives open challenge to Shivaay and unveils their past connection. How is Shivaay linked to Siddhi, what connection did they share in past.

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