Priyanka's allergy pushes Anika's at Shivaay's tough point

In upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Ishqbaaz is gearing up for some interesting twist and drama. Shivaay and Anika's life is going to take shocking turn as Anika cooks dosa for Priyanka as she gets job. While Priyanka falls unconscious after eating dosa and had to be rushed to hospital, Shivaay also reaches hospital.

Shivaay reaches hospital and yells at Anika for trying to harm Priyanka while Anika, Shivaay had their argument.
Shivaay's SSO avatar against Anika.  Shivaay will not leave Anika so easily and show his SSO avatar and gets Anika homeless and when Priyanka gets to know about it she brings Anika, Gauri, Sahil and Manju Chachi to Oberoi mansion.

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