Aaliya turns Aaliya Maa, Raman Ishita enjoying triple Naamkaran

In upcoming episode of Star Plus most popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein loyal viewers will get to witness interesting sequence as Aaliya (Krishna Mukherjee) turns Aaliya Maa, Raman (Karan Patel) Ishita rejoice triple Naamkaran. It seems post delivery Roshni decides to handover the baby to Aaliya as she does not want to see Bhalla family breakdown once again. Roshni peacefully makes her exit from Bhalla house handing over the baby to Aaliya turning her Aaliya Maa. Aaliya gets big responsibility where on the other hand Raman Ishita is extremely excited over triple Naamkaran.

Raman Ishita’s dilemma over new name for baby. One is Aaliya turned mother, second is Raman Ishita turned grandparents and last but not the least is the baby name. It would be really interesting to see if Raman Ishita name the child as Adi or get some new name for him.

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