Raman and Ishita finally getting closer, happy days begin for Bhalla Family

In Yeh hai Mohabbatein, Finally happiness are returning in Bhalla house. After Adi’s death, the family was broken into pieces that Roshni and Adis child brought new hope and reunites Raman and Ishita. But there Simmi Param’s nasty plan ruins everything when Tanya blames Raman for making her MMS. But Jhansi Ki Rani Ishita once again stands for Raman and supports him against the family and the evidences Tanya plotted. And finally she exposes Tanya and saves Raman from this big problem.

Raman forgives Ishita.. Ishita’s stand for Raman once again proves her true love for Raman and the family, where Mrs. Bhalla confess sorry and accept Ishita with full heart, Raman also gets overwhelmed with Ishita’s die-hard efforts to save him. It would be really overwhelming for all of us to watch Raman and Ishita’s teary jerking love confession.

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